Get your business Christmas ready.

The nights are getting darker and colder and the supermarket shelves are becoming more and more festive. It will not be long before we start hearing Christmas jingles and people start talking about minced pies and mulled wine.

Some people think it is too early to start talking about Christmas whilst others are literally counting down the days. Here are 5 tips employers may find useful.

The first is confirming your opening hours over the holidays. If your businesses provides service all year round inclusive of bank holidays you need to start letting your employees know when they will be working to avoid poor attendance  over the festive period.

The second thing is to start planning payroll. Will you be paying your employees early? Does pay day fall on a bank holiday this year? Will your employees be paid after Christmas?

Whether you are organising an official or unofficial Christmas festivities it is wise to remind your staff about your expectations. Send an email or memo to staff gently reminding them to behave appropriately, drink responsibly and arrange appropriate transport. No one wants to come back to work without a driving licence or having to face a disciplinary over events that took place at a work party.

Many businesses reward their staff with Christmas or end of year bonuses and this is a great way to help worker morale. I would always advise employers to have a policy about bonuses to avoid being sued for discrimination or non payment of a bonus. In this policy consider stating that it is non contractual and clearly set out qualification terms. An example  might be that the staff member must still be working for you at the time of payment to receive the bonus.

Finally but just as importantly. Have fun!

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