You have an amazing team. You may never have to take a member of staff through a disciplinary process. You might not have a problem with recurring sickness or long term absence due to illness. But what if one day you did?  Would you know how to deal with these issues?

Most of the time everybody in the workplace does what they are supposed to do. But, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes there is a clash of personalities which you have to sort out, sometimes complacency sets in and your star worker makes a big boo boo.

Misconduct needs to be dealt with and standards maintained. Yes you can still have a quiet word with staff over small things but there is no such thing as a verbal warning in Law. All warnings have to follow procedure and failure to follow the correct procedure can have costly outcomes. No employer ever sets out to defend a tribunal claim and this is why it is important to know how to handle situations before they occur. Unfortunately, “I didn’t know” doesn’t excuse you.

Of course staff will be sick with the odd flu and cold from time to time and in these instances there is no need to take action. However, some staff are absent for months at a time or for a few days each week.  This can cause a strain on the rest of your team whose workload has to increase to cover the absent employee or you might incur extra costs of agency staff and emergency cover. What about other financial implications of statutory sick pay and the holiday pay which ill members of staff continue to accrue?

Costs aside, long term absence often suggests that a member of staff may have a disability. If this is the case then you have certain obligations. There may be a need to make adjustments in the workplace to enable the staff member to return to work and sadly there  are times when it is just not possible to return to work.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ Malcolm X

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