Winter Blues and Don’ts

5 Tools to take your staff to the end of the year.


This autumn and winter you can keep your staff productive your and business running by following these steps.



Coughs and colds are an inevitability this time of year and this can mean that businesses experience higher absence levels than normal. November is the perfect time to promote good hygiene in the workplace. You can do this by providing telephone wipes, keyboard wipes, sanitsers and sweet smelling soaps. This will help to reduce germs spreading and keep staff healthier for longer.

Now is the perfect time to review your sickness policy and remind employees who, how and when they should contact work. If you would like some help reviewing your existing sickness policies and procedure please fill in the contact form at


Adverse Weather

Fallen trees, ice, frost and snow can cause havoc on public transport and our UK roads. You may find that staff are late to work or unable to come to work because of the winter weather. There is no obligation to pay staff who are not able to attend work but you may want to put things in place to allow your staff to maintain pay and for your business to continue to function. Consider allowing staff to arrive at work later, work from home or make up their hours on another occasion. If you do decide to pay staff who cannot attend work ensure that they are told that it is an act of goodwill and is not intended to be contractual.

Black Friday

Black Friday sales in the UK are becoming increasingly popular. You may find that employees attention to work and productivity levels drop as they try to find the best online bargains.

Managers are advised to ensure they have an up to date internet rules and usage policy. This policy should also be shared with staff. Whether you take a more relaxed approach to the use of computer devices or a strict approach be sure to be consistent so that you are not accused of discrimination.

Annual leave reminders

If your holiday year runs from January to December now is the perfect time to remind staff about their unused holiday allowance. You do not have to allow staff to roll holiday over into the next year unless there are exceptional circumstances such as maternity or illness.

You are also able to refuse holiday if it is not a convenient time for the business or if there are too many staff off.

That being said it is good to give staff time to rest so you should be reasonable when in receipt of holiday requests.

Many employers are unaware that they can impose annual leave. So if the business has a down period or your staff have unused holidays you can simply give them a day off (with notice of course).


Christmas do’s and bonuses are a lovely way to boost morale, bring the team together and enjoy the end of the year but there are a few things that employers should bear in mind.

  • Not everyone celebrates Christmas so be mindful not to exclude or discriminate against any staff members.
  • Bonus can become contractual if they are given consistently year after year. Always remind staff that the Christmas bonus is not intended to be contractual.
  • Sometimes staff behaviour at Christmas parties is unacceptable. Remind staff that they are still expected to comply with harassment and disciplinary policies whilst they are having fun.


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