How hot is too for work? Keeping work going during Summer.

Summer is here and the sun is shining brightly. But it’s still business as usual for all of us and that means knowing how to cope in the hot weather when we still need to be working inside.

We have a few hints and tips for you for dealing with the working environment during the summer months: –

Office temperatures

There is no law for there to be a minimum or maximum working temperature in a workspace (i.e. if it is too cold or too hot to work).

However, during working hours, the temperature in all indoor workspaces must be reasonable. Guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC (or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work).

There is no guidance for a maximum temperature limit within a workspace but employers must adhere to the laws contained in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, including: –

  • keeping the temperature at a comfortable level; and

  • providing clean and fresh air.

Ask your staff to talk to you if they feel the workspace temperature isn’t comfortable.

Dress code

We know that sometimes it’s important for your staff to wear a suit and tie or formal attire for business meetings. But when your staff are simply in the office, allow them to remove these and cool down a bit. Perhaps suggest to staff that they wear natural fibres and light colours to avoid attracting the heat so much.

Ice, ice and more ice

If you have a freezer, keep it stocked with ice cubes and ice lollies for your staff. If you don’t have one, perhaps think about investing in a small one specifically for this reason.

Fresh fruit

Although your staff may still want to munch on cakes and cookies, keep a selection of fruit in the fridge as well, in case they want something fresh and cool instead.


Hydration is important for the mind as well as the body. A well-hydrated employee is likely to be more productive. Keep a selection of different fruit juices and squashes in the kitchen for a nice cool, refreshing drink for your staff.

Cool breeze

It might sound counter-productive but instead of having all the windows and doors open, keep them closed, pull the blinds or curtains and put the air conditioning or fan on. The closed windows and doors will prevent the hot air seeping in and the closed blinds or curtains will keep the direct sunlight out.

Outdoor meetings

Instead of holding your staff meetings in a stuffy, uncomfortable office, head into the garden or over to the park instead. Staff will enjoy sitting outside in the sun (or shade) and will appreciate a break from the office.


Perhaps think about having a weekly or fortnightly staff picnic outside. This will help boost morale and get staff socialising and relaxing.

Summer hols

Remember that with the summer months also comes the summer holidays for parents. Juggling childcare with work can be a stressful time for parents. Think about allowing staff to work from home or do flexi hours so that they can still work but look after the kids at the same time.

Some businesses start the business day an hour earlier to allow for an earlier finish but be mindful of this if it is not in your contract.

Bring your child to work day(s)

With the above in mind, if you have staff members who have children aged between 8 and 16 years old, why not allow your staff to bring their children into work for a few days throughout the summer holidays? It’s a great way to give some educational, interactive and inspiring experiences to school-aged children, and also takes the pressure off their parents a bit as well.

Get the children involved in simple tasks and keep their minds occupied. But make sure that your insurance covers you when children are in the workplace.

Summer break

Unless it’s essential for business reasons, don’t reject staff holiday requests unless it’s absolutely necessary. Everyone needs a holiday and will always be more productive once they’ve had a break.

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Work Experience with Orchard Employment Law – By David Nagy

At first, I was a bit nervous coming into work experience, I did not know what the people were going to be like, I didn’t know what the environment will be like. Knowing that I would be going into an office I expected to enter into a quite strict environment as it is an office at the end of the day. I expected it to be a quiet and calm place where people can get their work done nicely.

However, I was wrong. The people here are really nice and the place is really nice and enjoyable. I did not expect this place to be a co-working area so I did not expect it to be what it really is. However, I am happy that it is like this because I can socialise with everyone here because they are really friendly and kind. The place, in general, is really nice and I like the style of it. The fake grass area and then the kitchen and lunch area. This all adds up to a nice co-working area where we can all get our work done.

We do have trips here and there, for example, I didn’t expect this either. I did not expect to go on trips like going to radio shows, networking and training sessions that Jemma runs. This is all a great addition to work experience because this gives an insight into how a smaller business works and how to market your business as this is something I am interested in doing in the future.

I now understand more about Employment Law and how it works and what will be taking part next year. I now understand more about employment contracts, National minimum wage, auto enrolments, and HR. This is a really good experience for me as I have a better insight into what the future will look like for me when I start up my own business.

The entire thing is not what I expected. But this is a good thing. This is something I could have wished for as work experience because I get to have a good time and do some business work as well. At first, I was a bit nervous to talk to some people and just to be here in general. Now I feel much more confident in being here and talking to everyone in fact. People here are really kind which makes it a good environment to do my work experience.

I really enjoy the lunch breaks that we have here at the office, this is because we get to have a break from work and just have a nice chat with everyone who decides to join in and it is just some good fun. We usually sit down at the couches and eat our food while having a nice chat and then go back to the office’s and do some more work until the day is finished.

The trips that the work experience has to offer is a really good addition because I get to see what goes on behind the scenes while owning and managing a smaller business. I now understand how I can get my name around the area and get some people to check out what I would have to offer and maybe get some clients in the meantime.

We also looked at my CV, Jemma had a look at my CV and told me what’s good about it and what could be improved from an employers point of view. This was helpful and good because now I could improve my CV so I have a better chance of an employer looking at that and it sticking out so they would want to contact me.

My work experience here is really good and helpful for me as I take Business class in school, so this just further enables me to get higher grades in school.

On the 3 of July, I joined Jemma on her training session that she holds on about once or twice a month. While at the session I got to see how one of these training sessions works and what goes on during the session. This adds up to the experience of how the whole thing works.

The radio show was amazing. A new experience that was really fun, I have never experienced something like this before. It was a lot of fun and was interesting. We had a laugh and talked about business, the things that you hate the most in the business industry and at last, I interviewed Roland about Dragon Co-Working. This was good as well as we all got to learn a bit more about Dragon and why he has started it up in the first place.

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