I am very lucky to have had my work experience with Orchard Employment Law, the team are some of the most inclusive and supportive people I have ever met. When you think of an internship or work experience at a Law firm, the first thing that pops up in your mind is running around delivering tea and coffee to different offices and people. I thought this would be the case for me, yet as soon as I stepped foot in the Orchard office and met the team, I was surprised at the number of activities planned that would help me gain valuable experience of what law really means. I was put to work, and rightly so, attending webinars, doing research of various legal terms and reading tribunal bundles that would provide a true insight of what employment law entails.

Before starting my work experience, I had not realised the importance and value of LinkedIn, a good CV, and perfecting interview skills yet Jemma and the team here at Orchard have emphasised and brought me up to speed with everything I would need to know. Before my interview with T W Tutors, Jemma and I practiced a mock interview and gave me feedback on what works well and gave me suggestions on how to strengthen my skills.

Jemma also allowed me to tag along to a Women in Business event brunch! This was a few hours of networking and listening to inspiring businesswomen talk about their journeys and sharing similar experiences that women face in the workforce.

The team at Orchard are extremely accommodating and supportive, and although I have only completed 4 days of work experience, I feel as though I have been here forever. They have taken me in as one of their own and shown me the ins and outs of Employment Law.

By Ioana Necula

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